Birds of Paradise (Pájaros del Paraíso)

Premier - December 2019

Music: Bach: The Cello Suites - Recomposed by Peter Gregson - Suite No. 5 in C Minor, BWV 1011: 5. Gavottes

Like Those Playground Kids at Midnight

Premier - February 2020 

Music: Ave Maria by Astor Piazzolla Christian-Pierre La Marca and Thierry Escaish

Welcome to Barrio Ataxia

Premier - September 2018

Music: Homenaje al Gran Lucho by Lucho Bermúdez


Premier - May 2017


Original score by Gerson Orjuela


Premier - April 2019

Music: Fiesta de Locos by Calle 13

Spine Lines

Developed by CCAM Studio Fellows Erin Sullivan, DRA ‘20 and Liam Bellman-Sharpe, DRA ‘20, this project blends dance and live video processing in interactive performance. The keys of a MIDI-capable piano are mapped to specific frames of a pre-recorded video using Max audio and Touch Designer video software, allowing footage to be remixed live through piano improvisation that drives the video forward, backward, or randomly. Dancer Omar Roman de Jesus then responds to the generated footage with improvised choreography. The desired effect creates an elegant rhythm between the piano and the dancer. Liam plays the up and down the piano scale while pre-recorded footage of Omar moves in tandem with Omar’s live performance, creating a duet between the dancer’s body and digital self. The structural stage portals were designed by Lily Guerin, DRA ‘20 and engineered by Matthias Neckerman, DRA ‘20).

The CCAM fellowship supported the research and resources required to execute this project. The project team filmed and edited a series of tests and will continue to develop the technology for use in a formal performance.

Directed by Erin Sullivan and Liam Bellman-Sharpe

Choreography by Omar Román de Jesús. 

Original music by Liam Bellman-Sharpe. 

Structure for projection mapping design by Lily Guerin. 

Engineered by Matthias Neckermann


Premier - 2019


Original Score by Jordan Chiolis

"Conversations" is a solo dance film series produced by Angelo Vasta, driven by a desire to further connect with movement artists he has been inspired by along his journey as a filmmaker in NYC. On each shoot, dancers received an object to initiate a conversation with the filmmaker, opening the path for physical exploration and imagination. Composer, Jordan Chiolis, individually scored each film, using a range of sounds and textures crafted to better create the environment for the film to live within. 

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