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August 30th - September 14th

New Dance Partners - Wylliams/Henry Contemporary Dance

New Creation / Residency Period

Location: Kansas City, MO

September 15th - 16th

New Dance Partners - Wylliams/Henry Contemporary Dance


Location: Yardley Hall / Midwest Trust Center

Overland Park, KS

October 16th – November 5th

Ballet Collective

Residency Period and Performances

Location: New York, NY

October 2nd - December 6th

The Juilliard School

Creation Period for New Dances

Location: New York, NY

December 6th - 10th

The Juilliard School

Performances of New Work for

New Dances: Edition 2023

Location: Peter Jay Sharp Theater

New York, NY


January 22nd - February 9th

SALT Contemporary Dance

New Creation

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

February 19th - March 1st

The Big Muddy Dance Company

New Creation

Location: St. Louis, MO



March 12th

Boca Tuya will be Performing

"Like Those Playground Kids at Midnight"

Event and Location information coming soon

April 12th - 14th

James Madison University

Boca Tuya tour

Location: Harrisonburg, VA



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