June 11th, 12th & 13th

Pride Fest

Boca Tuya's World Premier of

"Birds of Paradise" + "Daniel" and "Welcome to Barrio Ataxia"

Location: 14th Street Y Theater 

Manhattan, NY


June 15th - 27th

Houston Contemporary Dance Company Choreographic Workshop

New creation (or Re - staging work) by Omar Román De Jesús

Location: Institute of Contemporary Dance

Houston, TX


June 29th - July 24th

KSU Choreographic Residency 

New Creation by Omar Román De Jesus

The funds for this residency are in honor of Glenn Conner, who passed away in 2008. He was known for developing innovative choreography that deals with social inequality and injustice.

Location: Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw, GA


July 20th - August 7th

Boca Tuya's Residency

Recreation of "Welcome to Barrio Ataxia"

Location: Bridge For Dance

August 8th

PRCDC - Between Ribbons / Entre Cintas

Interview with Blanca Huertas-Agnew and Sebastian Serra

Location: Puerto Rico

Via Zoom 

August 10th - 15th

Teaching Contemporary Dance

Mi Ballet World's Live Online Summer Intensive

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Via Zoom

August 17th - 22nd

Creating Solo Work for Principal Dancer of

New York City Ballet - Gonzalo Garcia

as part of a collaboration project organized by Jacob Jonas

- more details to come -

Location: Madrid, España

August 20th

The Four/Four Dance Hour

Showing video of choreographic work, DANIEL

made in collaboration with cinematographer Drew L. Brown

will be the first video looping on the hour from

4pm - 10pm EST at

Location: Publicrecords.Tv

August 25th - September 1st

Jacob's Pillow

2020 The Ann & Weston Hicks Choreography Fellows Program

Location: Becket, MA

 Via Zoom 

September 8th - 19th

Contemporary Choreographers Concert - Point Park University

Norbert De La Cruz III - Choreographer Assistant

Location: Point Park University

Pittsburgh, PA


September 10th

Dark Circles Contemporary Dance

Late-Night Coffee with Joshua Peugh, Sidra Bell and Josh Prince

Location: DCCDUSA's Facebook Page and YouTube channel

 Time: 10:00pm EST

October 2nd

PRISMA - Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporanea

Teaching Master Class and Q&A

Location: Panama City, Panama

via Zoom

October 13th

PRISMA - Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporanea

Screening of  "Like Those Playground Kids at Midnight"

Location: Panama City, Panama


November 29th - December 3rd

International Choreography Competition 2020

Presenting "Like Those Playground Kids at Midnight"

Location: Jerusalem, Israel


Date: TBD

Chop Shop: Bodies of Work Contemporary Dance Festival

Presenting "Welcome to Barrio Ataxia"

and Teaching Master Classes

Location: Seattle, WA

Date: TBD

PRISMA - Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporanea

Boca Tuya on Tour

Presenting "Birds of Paradise"

Location: Panama City, Panama

(Dates are TBD)

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