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What are we looking for now?


We are now collecting the stories of the Puerto Rican people that were dramatically affected by hurricane Irma and Maria. 


When your story is ready you can do one of the following:

  • Copy and paste your story on blank field in this page

  • Email it directly to 


If you want to remain anonymous, please send letter to the following address: 


545 West 164th Street Apt 6D New York, NY 10032



Hola! Welcome to Boc' it out! As we dive into this exciting adventure of creating art for you, we have decided to include you in our creation process.

We are looking for life altering stories in order to strictly inspire and inform the creative process for the artists involved with Boca Tuya. Our mission is to produce work that talks to the human experience by shinning a light on social issues. In doing so, we want to empower you to share your story, traumatic or enlighten, as a mean to transform your life.  

We want our audiences to see themselves in our work in hopes to unravel, through particular experiences, the universality of the human experience. 


Thank you in advance!


Thanks! Message sent.

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