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Artistic Director - Omar Alejandro Román De Jesús


Boca Tuya is a New York City-based contemporary dance company that produces vibrant socially conscious works. In collaboration with our extraordinary, diverse group of dancers we deliver stimulating and uplifting experiences to our audiences. We strive to build a community that spreads compassion, encourages creativity, and moves with an urgency to shed a light on the fundamental connections of our humanity. Boca Tuya serves as a poetic platform that provides agency within our community to express and communicate “your voice.”


Artistic Director and Choreographer

Omar Alejandro Román De Jesús

"choreography is punctuated with moments of delicate wonder"      

-Stage Buddy


Omar Alejandro Román De Jesús (San Juan, PR) began his formal training at the School for the Performing Arts in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. Omar was a member of Balleteatro Nacional de Puerto Rico from 2006-2011. During this period, he won the Championship Cup and Gold Medal at the National Dance Competition in Puerto Rico.  He received a scholarship to the Ailey School in 2011, and after two years, he began his professional career in the modern and contemporary dance world.



He has toured nationally and internationally with Yin Yue Dance Company, Ballet Hispánico, Parsons Dance, Wylliams/Henry Contemporary Dance Company, and Sleeping Beauty Dreams featuring Diana Vishneva. He has performed and led works by Gustavo Ramírez Sansano, David Parsons, Robert Battle, Mary Pat Henry, Trey McIntyre, Kate Skarpetowska, Michelle Manzanales, Jennifer Archibald, Tania Peréz-Salas, Carlos Pons, Ephrat Asherie, and Yin Yue. Omar had the honor of performing at the 2018 TITAS Gala representing Ballet Hispánico, and he is proud to have danced at BAM Fisher, NY and the 2019 Schrittmacher Festival in Germany, where he performed an evening-length show by Yin Yue. Omar is currently collaborating with Erin Sullivan on an Interactive Projection Workshop titled Spine Lines, that will be presented at Yale University - Center of the Collaborative Arts and Media. 



Omar's choreography has been recognized for its originality, and he has been praised for his ability to craft an emotional arc. He has received several awards including the Audience Award at The Dance Gallery Festival and 1st place Steps Commission at the Reverb Dance Festival in NYC. He has been commissioned twice by Instituto de Cultura de Puerto Rico to create work as part of the International Dance Festival of Puerto Rico, where he was awarded the Ambassador of Dance medal. His work, Daniel, was performed at The Joyce Theater as part of David’s Parsons’ 2017 GenerationNOW Fellowship. Omar has won choreographic competitions including the Joffrey Academy of Dance's 8th annual Winning Works Choreographic Competition and the Whim W’Him’s Choreographic Shindig. He was the first person commissioned to create an original work on Jacob Jonas The Company. In 2019, he created Matriarca, in collaboration with the students of The Ailey School and Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. Recently, Omar created Maria, while in residency with James Madison University.  


Omar is fond of education and has experience teaching workshops and master classes all over the world for dancers, non-dancers, and children on the Autism Spectrum.



Like Those Playground Kids at Midnight

Duet version

Premier - February 2020 

Through the lens of sexuality, this duet examines a profound and electrified relationship. The duet explores an undeniable chemistry where action is a direct response to one another’s care and sensitivity. 

Music: Ave Maria by Astor Piazzolla Christian-Pierre La Marca and Thierry Escaish

Like Those Playground Kids at Midnight

Premier - June 2020 



The work embodies a journey towards sexual empowerment. We study our internal conflicts in relation to what is deemed acceptable within our political and societal body.  ​

Music: Concert nr.5 pentru si orchestra in Mi bemol mayor op.73 (Imperialul") by L.Van Beethoven 

Welcome to Barrio Ataxia

September 2018



From inside the constant change and mood swings of a teeming disordered mind, we zoom outside to take a look at a human problem and our need for understanding by society and the help of friends. Commissioned by Whim W'Him Contemporary Dance as part of their Choreographic Shindig program. ​

Music: Homenaje al Gran Lucho by Lucho Bermúdez

"chillingly beautiful"
"is frantic, somber and emotionally evocative deposition of the constant changes and struggles that are hallmarks of mental illness."


May 2017



The work explores the youthful and uninhibited pursuit of joy.


Commissioned by Parsons Dance for its 2017 Joyce season as part of its initiative to support emerging choreographers through David Parsons' GenerationNow Fellowship.

Original score by Gerson Orjuela


"heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time"

 "This piece is recommended viewing for everyone because it increases our awareness of our own humanity"


April 2019


This work explores power dynamics and the influence of sexuality within a socially stratified community. Commissioned by The Ailey School and later set on Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. 

Music: Fiesta de Locos by Calle 13

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Boca Tuya is a fiscally sponsored dance company that operates under the umbrella of Unique Projects, Inc., a non-profit tax exempt organization. The creations and distribution of our works are only possible with the generosity and support of our contributors. Your donations help us directly by improving our chances of producing brand new works, elevating our production value, and sustaining the livelihood of our artists. With your donations, we are able to bring our dreams and vision to a reality. Our generous supporters enable us to continue on our creative path of to producing ground-breaking and uplifting high quality works.


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The authenticity of my work exists to recognize the need and communicate the potential of a different future.  I imagine this to be a place of inclusion, where we can celebrate who we are as individuals.  I am interested in prioritizing the creative process and the diligent manifestation of the art.  I choose to work with individuals who share a common path, and who recognize that our art contributes to the community, elevating our relationships to the environment and each other.  My dancers and I dance to move and be moved, to find balance between restraint and abandonment, and to live on-stage the rawness of our human experience.

I create vibrant socially conscious work in an effort to reshape the current landscape of concert dance.  Dance has the uncanny ability to connect us to humanity and elevate our spirits.  I am conscious about what and how my work communicates with our audiences, and what I can do to change their perception.  I let “hope” be the winner of the creative conflicts of my work, so that we can come together to celebrate and reaffirm humankind and the potential of a more compassionate future. 

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