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Boca Tuya is a New York-based artistic incubator providing mature contemporary dance artists with the multifaceted, high level experiences that characterize a holistic life in the arts. Since 2018, we have stood strong in our commitment to visibility and artistic excellence, showcasing the talents of New York’s top movement artists while establishing a company culture that prioritizes the wellbeing, economic stability, and personal achievement of our dancers. Through extensive opportunities for performance work, national and international touring, educational outreach, and choreographic commissions, we exist to give our dancers the resources they need to live as artists rather than chasing art for their livelihood.


"choreography is punctuated with moments of delicate wonder"

- Melanie Brown 

Statement from Artistic Director

Omar Román De Jesús (he, him)

Queer Puertorriqueño Artist


I have come to a turning point in my approach to dance. This shift reflects not only my own accumulation of movement experiences, but also the deep rooted reality that dance work is always colored by the context of the world in which that work lives. 


While we work to envision, create, and share, we must do so with an acute awareness of our containers. Art does not exist in a bubble. As a Queer Puertorriqueño Artist, I create in an environment that regularly pressures me to make dance that specifically focuses on community-centric social advocacy. Although there are many angles by which I find this stereotype frustrating, I also understand a deep seated desire to use art as a means to bring people together, reveal injustices, and provide for the people who have been historically disenfranchised.


In studying my own choreography, I have come to appreciate that the cultural component of my work that so often threatens to box me in has also taught me a tremendous amount about how I want to craft my life as a dance professional. The music, movement vocabulary, drama, fantasy, and humor that I call upon in my dances all derive from a long lineage of events and practices with traceable, participatory histories on both the personal and collective levels. These histories aren’t about boosting leadership for the purpose of optics, but rather exist as constantly compounding sets of information gained through immersion. 


Being an artistic director means more than simply identifying myself as a leader of creative experiences. As the head of Boca Tuya, I am proud to facilitate the exchanges, collaborations, conversations, and performances that give our dancers the tools they need to create without boundaries.

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Photo by Jacob Jonas


The Creative Work

Pájaros del Paraís(2018) - Footage by Melissa Wu


"Boca Tuya" seems to have the formula to create successful and appetizing choreographic works for dance lovers..."

"chillingly beautiful"

"heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time"

"It grabs you from the word go"

"This piece is recommended by viewing for everyone because it increases our awareness of our own humanity"

"The very visible payoff was to see solo dancers, originally hemmed in by pools of light, achieve enough confidence to move from self-love to pure love. Finding the right escape velocity is every dancer’s greatest challenge: It was revelation itself to see it happen to twelve of them at the same time"

"...very important for first-time audiences, who need to leave happy and full, wanting to consume again."

"The dancers take audiences members on a profound emotional journey—one that feels authentic and important."


Photo by Eduard Serra

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Boca Tuya is fiscally sponsored by Unique Projects, Inc. We are grateful for the support of our sponsors.


Photo by Jacob Jonas