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Red Rhino has seen first hand the therapeutic power of Dance Therapy in action all over the United States and Canada. 

Through our inclusive dance experiences, our mission is to deliver the gift of movement to any student who would benefit from experiencing movement education and therapy.

With a focus on the special needs community, people with physical disabilities, and marginalized communities, we truly believe in moving the world forward... 


...and dancing the whole way.


How do we come together?

Eoghan and I shared the stage as dancers for many years. We have also shared the magical experience of working on the physical development of children with disabilities; in fact, both of our current artistic practices have stemmed from these transformative adventures. 


We have been friends for a long time now, and we are very excited to come together and work towards leading this world into a more creative and compassionate future.

  • With the experience and time spent on the road, we truly believe we have found a class structure that is engaging, stimulating, just plain fun for every kind of dancer and student 

  • Opportunity for teachers and educators to practice new found education skills

  • Open to everyone and anyone the community 

  • 100% free to participate in

  • Instructors will organize an end of workshop performance using the choreography they created with the students throughout the session

  • Teachers and Parents should be invited to see the FREE performance and watch what the students have been working on with the academy

  • Donations accepted at the door

  • An opportunity to students at the Academy to have face time with industry professionals who are teaching the session

  • A place to further education and expand on skills learned in the session

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